25 Days of Blogmas!

A Blog Every Single Day Until Christmas

Grace Bianco


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Merry “Blogmas”

Day 1 of Blogmas

Ever since I became a blogger, I have wanted to do “blogmas.”

The name blogmas comes from the name vlogmas. A few years back, YouTubers were really into posting a vlog every single day leading up to Christmas. They were my favorite to watch!

I always thought it would be fun to do something like that with blogging.

However, I haven’t posted daily since I “started” on Medium in January 2021. I had a series called, “Tales of a New Marriage.” It was like a daily diary, and I didn’t keep up with it for long. I really didn’t understand Medium back then. I count my actual start on here being July 2021. That’s when I started posting for real, and I very slowly started to read others’ posts.

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Christmas is the best time for writing.

I am not sure how many other writers feel this, but I find coming up with articles during the Christmas season is MUCH easier.

What better time to challenge myself to write daily than now?

Since I usually only post twice a week, I started writing blogmas articles back in early November. So, I kind of cheated in getting ahead way in advance. Christmas is also a busy time. So, I wanted to make sure that I could actually pull this off!

What to Expect:

I am not a super niche writer. I am kind of all over the place on here.

Blogmas won’t be much different.

A lot of my posts will definitely be Christmas related (traditions, opinions, Christmas favorites, Christmas time with just me and my husband, Jovi’s first birthday, etc.). However, it’s impossible to box me in to just that!

Mine and my husband’s story actually began in December! I will be sharing more details on our early stories.

There will also be Christian based, mental health, and regular life articles mixed in as well!



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