5 Articles That I Probably Should Have Deleted…

An ICYMI Challenge

Grace Bianco
5 min readMay 26


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When I first started out on Medium, I had no earthly idea what I was doing. I had no idea what this platform was all about. I just wanted a website to try out. At the time, I had a personalized website that received more of my attention.

In fact, for my first month or so on here, I had a series called “Tales of a New Marriage.” I hadn’t even been married for a month when I started this series. Every day, I would write a journal entry on everything I did as a new wife.

There were no pictures. Just a literal diary entry.

Eventually, I moved on to more “normal” articles, but I wasn’t engaging with the writing community at all. I had no idea it even existed. I just thought people blogged and shut their laptops. I am cringing writing this… I genuinely have no idea why I was so clueless.😂

So, with my very amateur background, I wanted to share five articles that I probably should have just deleted.

Thank you to Trisha Faye and Pamela Oglesby for the tag. Their articles will be down below. Another thank you to Kerry Purvis for creating this challenge.

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Five of my Fails (but trust me, there’s more than just five)

Here is the first ever journal entry and “real” article that I wrote. I had been married for only 12 days!

Shoutout to Deb Palmer for going back and being the only comment. 🙌😂

My first real article that wasn’t a marriage journal entry. 👏

I was actually cracking up reading it. I literally called it, “My Audience of Zero,” and it has ONE clap. I really had no idea what was in store for me on Medium.



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