Am I An Enemy Of Medium?

Because I am not a friend.

Grace Bianco


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My heart dropped a little when the new membership started circulating. Even the name gave me immediate guilt… Friend of Medium. If I didn’t pay $10 more a month, would I be seen as an enemy of Medium?

I have read almost every article that comes up on Friends of Medium. I have read the questions, concerns, positives, and negatives. I am honestly as confused as ever lol.

These are just a few of the MANY I have read:

Nevena Pascaleva’s article on it put a lot of my fears/questions into words.

Susie Kearley wrote about her thoughts and some of her own calculations on earnings from Friends of Medium. It gave me even more to think about and more reason to hold back.

In true Deb Palmer style, Deb wrote about why she became a Friend of Medium in a fun way. Making it seem like a more positive thing to consider.

This morning, I read Susan Wheelock’s current views and calculations on it. Once again, Medium seems to be inconsistent.

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My initial hesitations…



Grace Bianco

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