An Unexpected Answer To Prayers

I actually have good news for a change!

Grace Bianco
5 min readJun 5, 2024


Author’s photo (Edited by our realtor)

Surprise! My husband and I are homeowners again!

This house seriously found us, and it all happened so fast that we are still trying to process it all.

The papers have been signed. The massive downpayment has been paid.

It’s been ours for over a week, and it still hasn’t really settled in for me.

So, how did we end up with a completely unexpected house?

Our house — Author’s photo

“Should we buy a house and build when the economy MIGHT get better?”

We weren’t really looking. We had bought almost six acres of land two years ago. Plans to build were hardly ever discussed, but we still believed they would happen one day. We were just waiting and hoping the market would change for the better.

We started our lives in a town over from our land. We found our church. We made friends. We became comfortable. The plan to move to a mountain over a half hour away didn’t sound so great anymore.



Grace Bianco

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