Christmas Finally Came!!

The puppy is home. ❤

Grace Bianco


By Grace K. Bianco

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First family photo 🥰🥰 (just missing our cat, Ghost)

It’s finally time to write the blog that I have been dying to write.

Meet Jovi Bell Bianco.

When I rescued my black cat in October 2021, we gave him a Halloween name (Ghost). And since Jovi was a Christmas present, we wanted to keep with the holiday name theme.

Jovi is named after Jovie from my FAVORITE Christmas movie, ELF. Jovie is Buddy’s girlfriend in the movie. I have always given all of my pets middle names. So, Bell came from silver/reindeer bells lol, and I think it flows well.

I chose her name on Christmas Eve, but I wanted to make sure it fit her before announcing. I think it does perfectly. (:

She is the sweetest little ball of crazy.

Jovi is as big as her little lamb toy.

We picked her up early Saturday morning, and it’s been chaos ever since.

I am really intense when it comes to training.

So, if Jovi is awake, we are going outside almost every 15–20 minutes.

It’s absolutely freezing outside, but she doesn’t mind one bit. She runs around and is quickly learning to poop and pee outside. There has still been plenty of accidents, but considering she’s only six weeks old, she’s doing really well.

We are also crate training her. Nighttime is not easy. She gets into her crate around 7:30/8. Then, she wakes up around 9:30, 1:30, and 4:30. She’s usually awake for a half to an hour and a half. She wakes up for the day around 7.

Since she’s so young, she sleeps 18–20 hours. So, her first morning nap is also my morning nap. 😂 (I am a big sleeper.)

The box she rode home in. She was crazy the entire hour drive, but she didn’t have a single accident. 🙌

I love her to death.



Grace Bianco

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