Getting Through The Old Testament Is Still A HUGE Priority For Me

I am working harder now than when I first started.

Grace Bianco
4 min readMay 24


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I promise that my series, “My Thoughts on the Books in the Old Testament,” hasn’t been forgotten or overlooked. In fact, I am working harder on these articles than any other articles that I have ever done.

My Thoughts on the Books in the Old Testament

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The fire I am feeling for the Old Testament is something very new for me.

If you have ever read the Old Testament, you know how it wordy and far out the chapters/books can feel like. However, ever since I challenged myself to write about as many books of the Old Testament that I could, I haven’t been the same.

The pages are filling up with highlights, commentary, and stars. This is my third time reading the Old Testament all the way through. But this time it feels like drinking icy cold water on a blistering hot day. I can’t get enough.

The more I read… The more I can’t wait to figure out what I will write.

The book on Deuteronomy that I have been using to study. Definitely a 10/10! ✨

The only “issue” is… I am doing this all in real time.

I am writing as I go. I am an imperfect human that gets distracted by life. I won’t lie and say that I never miss a day here and there of reading. It’s not even just me getting distracted that is making me take forever.

A couple months ago, I signed back up for D-group, because they were going to be studying Deuteronomy. I was about to start Deuteronomy in my yearly reading plan anyway.

The book has been amazing. After a six week session on part one of the book, I decided to leave D-group again, but I will be continuing the book.

I loved the book so much that I ended up buying three more books on Old Testament books by the same writers.



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