How I Became a Published Author at 20

Grace Bianco
3 min readJul 3, 2021

By Grace K. Bianco

My first box of author copies that I sent out as preorders!!❤

The idea of writing a book was something that always intrigued me. I had been (and still am) dealing with anxiety since the young age of four. As someone who has never been shy to tell my story and tries to encourage others who struggle with their own battles, I felt like I would have plenty to say to fill up a book.

When an old friend of mine finished writing her own book, I asked her how she was able to do it. We were in the same boat (no big audience, no degree in writing, etc.). So, she sent me the link to a writing program.

I submitted an application. I had an idea and a title I was very confident in.

After a couple of days, I had a phone call meeting set up with the professor. He explained the writing process and asked me a few questions to make sure I was ready for this big project.

Then, I had to pay $400 upfront. I honestly thought, “Hm, this is sketchy but okay.”

I attended weekly workshops. I had various deadlines that I had to meet. My editor called me weekly to check in and discuss my writing.

About halfway through the process, my editor had to give me the green light, and say that my book was good enough for publishing and that everything was on track. I was nervous out of my mind, but my editor passed me through confidently.

My entire first manuscript was finished when it came time to raise $4,000 to be able to publish. I took to social media. I went through follower after follower asking people if they were interested in my book. I made a Facebook, and added everyone that I knew. I posted and reposted about my book. With many generous donations and prayers, I raised enough money to publish with an extra $50 to spare. Oh yeah and I only had THIRTY days to do it.

After that, it was time to design my cover page with a professional designer. I then had a copyright editor, who had to approve my manuscript for proofreading. After approval, it was then proofread.

My book was put into its proper format, and I published it on Amazon.

The steps along the way were frustrating at times, but overall, it was an amazing experience. I loved writing it, and I am so glad I did.

Got engaged and became a published author in the same week (:

Despite being told that no one ever keeps the same title name all the way through, I stuck with “Party Pooper: Growing up with Anxiety” and never for a single second, wanted to change it.

Writing a book took dedication and not caring about what people would think. My book is a memoir of my entire life from the age of four through nineteen. I talked about some of my most personal life experiences. I pushed past the fear of judgement, and wrote like I was just talking to a friend.

Eric Koester was my professor, and I published through New Degree Press. You can find Professor Koester on Instagram if you are interested in writing your own book.

All you need is a little idea!! I can honestly tell you that’s all I had when I started writing my book. There are very few better feelings than getting to hold a book YOU wrote.


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