I Am Desperate For Followers

Are you?

By Grace K. Bianco

I hope I can continue oversharing my life with you all FOREVER!


If you are a Medium writer, I am sure you have heard the news. Medium wants everyone on their Partner Program to have a hundred followers by 2022. I am sure many of you already have way past that, but I am sure there are others like me.

I am just starting to gain a few followers a day on here. I am now up to eighty-three. I am so close to a hundred that I can almost taste it. Everyone around me is confident I will hit the one hundred mark before 2022, but there is still a part of me that is concerned I won’t.

What’s the worse that could happen if I don’t? I will turn into a puddle of my own tears most likely.

I am someone who loves to reach goals, and my goal to hit a hundred followers has been my goal since I hit fifty followers a few weeks back. I have been dying to hit a hundred followers for a little while now. When I first came up with that goal, there was no pressure besides what I was putting myself.

Now, there is.

Who Am I?

Here’s a little bit about myself to explain why exactly I need to stay on this Partner Program.

Number one : I have anxiety, and if I don’t reach this goal, I will believe I am a failure. (I am mostly kidding, but hey, I will take a pity follow at this point.)

Onto the actual little summary of myself… I am a twenty-one year old housewife. My dream is to be a stay-at-home mom one day and to have a side career as a writer. I can picture it now. My little baby sleeping in one of those bouncy seats next to my desk while I type away. Even if my writing doesn’t make my family rich, I will consider that kind of life a success.

As many of you know, I travel with my husband for his work, and I can’t keep a part-time job. I love being a housewife, and there is no pressure on us to have another income. However, I like making extra money for us. I make this extra money from random babysitting gigs and my writing. It’s not a lot by any means, but it helps pay for special occasion gifts for my husband and my coffee addiction.

Why I Write

I am a devout Christian who likes to encourage others by sharing my mental health journey online. I like sharing my life with the world in hopes others can relate or just laugh with me.


Writing is not only my way of encouraging / connecting with others, but it’s also my escape from the world. I love everything about writing. From brainstorming to watching my words turn into long blogs, I feel so much contentment. I have such a busy mind, and it’s nice to focus my mind on just one topic.

Writing is just something that comes easy to me, and I love every minute of it. Whether I make some money or no money, I will always write. I wrote for three years before I made even just ten cents from blogging. Whether I get to a hundred followers or not, I will continue to write. I still pray and hope I reach that goal by the deadline, but it won’t change much if I don’t.

My Solution

I hope my random babbling makes you want to follow me, and give me a chance at following my dream. If you need more convincing, I am willing to offer you all a deal. If you like this post and follow me, I will follow you back. Make sure to like this post!

If you want to go the extra step, feel free to write a comment about who you are, and why you want more follows. Use this blog to market yourself as well. We can all help each other! I know I am not the only with the dream of being a writer. This doesn’t have to be competitive career. We can work together to help each other achieve the goals we are all working towards. There is room for everyone and their ideas / writing styles.

Thank you so much to those that already follow me. I wish I could express how much your support means to me. I wouldn’t be here without your help. I hope I can continue oversharing my life with you all FOREVER!

I love you all!

*Taken from Canva


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