I Don’t Bring My Bad Days To Medium

Hating on others doesn’t make you any better.

Grace Bianco
4 min readNov 4, 2022


By Grace K. Bianco

You are no better than that person. In fact, leaving a hate comment, makes me believe that you’re probably much worse.

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When I was an even smaller writer and had way less engagement, I received the most hate. I don’t understand it either, but I am not complaining. I will happily welcome the hateless faces on Medium to my page.

Although, I personally haven’t dealt with a hater in months, I know others haven’t been so lucky.

So many writers seem tense these days. I promise I won’t get into all of that. There are a thousand of other articles on Medium’s changes. I wrote a few myself when they first started happening. Is it the tension that is causing the nicer writers I know to be treated poorly? Is it the growing number of newcomers? Or have the haters just been in hibernation all of this time?

Whatever the reason is… I don’t believe it will ever be good enough. If you leave a snarky comment, you are polluting a very positive and kind community. What excuse can you make up for that??

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I refuse to be anything but kind.

I am on Medium six days a week. I have plenty of bad days, but I am not bringing my issues with me. Unless I am writing my own article… Then, you all will be hearing about it.

I always feel better when I make someone else feel good about themselves. If you write a fantastic article, I will tell you that. If you write a thought-provoking article, chances are I will happily share my thoughts. I enjoy talking to writers about their articles, because I know how much work goes into writing.

If you write an article that upsets me, I am clicking off. If you write an article that is unclear to me, I am clicking off. I will not leave a comment going off on you or belittling you. I may not agree with you or understand your points, but I will never believe that you deserve hate.



Grace Bianco

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