I Have Big Hopes For You, November

It will be a busy month, but I still plan on being productive.

Grace Bianco
4 min readNov 2, 2022


By Grace K. Bianco

I believe that I will still have a very productive month of writing and growing, but it is just up to me to stay vigilant.

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October was a pretty good month.

My writing:

I posted 5 articles every single week. I read 30 articles more days than not. As far as my earnings go, they only went up a few dollars more. I will take any little increase during this “Medium crisis” though lol.

I started writing for two publications, Finding The Way and Inspire, Believe, and Grow. This was a huge step for me, because I always believed that I would only ever self-publish.

I didn’t get a ton of work done in my novel, but I will get into that more later.

My Spiritual Life:

This past month, my husband and I found a church that we really hope will become our home church.

We continued our couple’s Bible study with our friends. I still attended my women’s D-Group every Wednesday except for one.

I have been doing pretty well keeping up with my “Read the Bible in a Year” plan.

My Personal Life:

In October, my husband and I travelled twice.

My brother-in-law got married in SC. We stayed with my parents and were able to spend a few days with both families.

Then, my husband and I went to Chattanooga, TN, for two nights. We just wanted to go on a little getaway. It was an amazing time, and it was so good for us.

Spiritually, mentally, and physically, I have felt pretty good this month.

The only real complaint I have was the multiple migraines I had to deal with. They slow me way down, and I cannot read or write on those days. I need to start keeping track of how many I have a month.



Grace Bianco

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