I Really Thought My Puppy Was Going To Die

A Late Night Emergency Nightmare

Grace Bianco
4 min readMar 9


By Grace K. Bianco

I was crying and texting everyone I could think of to please pray.

Jovi curled up in my husband’s arm at the emergency vet at 10:15pm.

Jovi gave us quite the scare this past Saturday.

The day started completely normal. Jovi was her usual energetic self.

At 1pm, I took her to her first day at puppy school. It’s just us in the class. Jovi was thriving with all the affirmations and treats.

At 5ish, my husband suggested we go for a walk in the park down the road. We took Jovi with us as we always do.

We only stayed about a half hour.

Around 7/7:30, I asked my husband to wake her up from her nap to take her outside. So, I could finish cleaning the kitchen before her dinner.

This was when things got really bad.

Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

Jovi was having a hard time waking up.

It wasn’t like her at all, but we played it off on being exhausted from a busy day.

With a little peanut butter, she woke up more, and my husband took her out.

He came in and said that she would just lay down immediately.

I went ahead and fed her. She ate it all.

My husband took her out again, and she was still not moving much. She did chase after our cat for a minute, but that’s the only movement she had made in a while.

My husband put her in her crate to rest. She whimpered in discomfort. We stared at her. That’s when my husband said, “Do you see her head? It won’t stop bobbling.”

I start looking up what this could be, and everything was looking REALLY bad.

Jovi collapsed on the floor after my husband brought her inside (moments before leaving for the vet).

We didn’t want to take chances.

I took her out of the crate, and I held her. She was noticeably uncomfortable, and…



Grace Bianco

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