I’m Married, But I Live Alone.

The Useless Housewife

Grace Bianco
6 min readOct 19, 2021


By Grace K. Bianco

Whatever our lives may look like in the weeks, months, and years to come, it will at least give me a good story to share with you all.

A visit from our first season of long distance

If you would have asked me what I dreamed marriage would be like a few years ago, I would probably have listed off an entirely different life than the one I have now. I would have talked about my husband coming home from work and having dinner ready. I would have talked about going to bed every night with my husband next to me. I would have talked about the most stereotypical life, and I would have sat there smiling convinced that would be my future.

Spoiler : My life is so far off from stereotypical.

From Four Roommates to None

A couple weeks ago, I wrote, “Just A Girl Currently Living With Four Men : Next week, there could be more or less.” It is the most viral blog that I have ever written. I talked about my husband’s job, Radiation Protection Technician, and how we have to travel in the fall and spring for it. I discuss what the housing situation is like, and I talk about how we live with various roommates.

Well, it’s “next week" (it’s really been about three weeks), and I went from four to none.

About a week after I wrote that blog, my husband informed me that our landlord upped the price. He was going to charge a ton extra and on top of that charge me extra. My husband and I shared a room, but for some reason, the landlord was set on charging per person.

My husband found a person willing to let him sleep on their recliner chair, and I went back home. My husband was already in the process of looking for housing closer to the second nuclear plant that he would travel to. We were just going to be a part for a few days.

Or so, we thought.

I began looking for housing on Airbnb, FaceBook Marketplace, and Craigslist, and my husband began messaging whoever I sent him. Unfortunately, the best place available would charge extra for me AGAIN. I would have to live on my own back home for around a month (at least). So much for me finding a place that we could both live in…

My Distaste for Long…



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