Tales of a New Marriage

January 20, 2021

Grace Bianco here. I have been married for twelve days.

This is my first journal entry as a wife. I plan to post every single day, but we will see how long I last. Everyday, I will post about the day before, and how I am settling into my new life as a wife. I am big talker, and writing is my outlet to get things off my chest. I don’t know how exciting my life will seem, but you can look at it as basically reading my therapy. ENJOY!

Here goes nothing.

I started the morning off by telling my husband that we were sent our wedding pictures. I anxiously and impatiently began downloading 5 GB of pictures. After what felt like a billion years, we began to look. We started by looking at pictures of us.

I was horrified by the way I looked in some. It started off as the two of us laughing, but the more bad pictures we came across, the more I began to panic. We had spent a ton of money on a photographer and videographer. My heart started racing.

I was clicking faster and faster. I wanted to be done with looking. By the end of it, I was laying on top of my husband soaking his sweatshirt with my tears. He rubbed my head reassuring me it was okay. He reassured me that I looked pretty on our wedding day. It wasn’t just pictures of me that concerned me though. I just wasn’t happy with them.

I was distraught, but after an hour meltdown, it was time for me to go grocery shopping. I stopped by my mother-in-law’s to return some things, and tell her about my picture situation. I had already texted my own mom before leaving, “In case you were wondering about the pictures, we looked through them all, and it ended with me crying.”

Once I got to the store, I got distracted in the kitchen and candle sections. Once a house becomes yours, kitchen stuff and candles gives you the same feeling you’d get as a kid with new toys. Adulting is an interesting thing.

I got the groceries, and headed home.

While my husband was busy working on his own things, I went through every single picture to save the ones I do like. As I went through, I realized there were a lot that I loved. I ended up saving 105 pictures. I quickly texted my mom and mother-in-law to let them know. My exact wording was, “I don’t know if I was having an off morning or if I was just too quick to get discouraged by the ones I didn’t like.” That translates to I was overly dramatic for nothing.

I made dinner (homemade pizza on Hawaiian rolls : 10/10, definitely recommend and cooked up some green beans). Before you come for me about my food combination, I was raised to have a vegetable with dinner.

We ended the night with a weird movie called Unknown. I can’t really say if I would recommend it or not to be honest lol.

That was my day… How was yours??

See you tomorrow! Until then, follow me on Instagram @ gracekbianco




I am the author of “Party Pooper: Growing up with Anxiety.” I love oversharing my life. I talk about my faith, marriage, mental health, and anything in between.

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Grace Bianco

Grace Bianco

I am the author of “Party Pooper: Growing up with Anxiety.” I love oversharing my life. I talk about my faith, marriage, mental health, and anything in between.

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