Let’s Go Find The Sunshine Together

The Perfect Anniversary Getaway During The Winter

Grace Bianco


A picture of us from our beachfront hotel room☀🌴🌊

When our 3rd anniversary was around a week away, I asked my husband if we were going to be doing anything special. I suggested that he could ask his coworkers for things to do near us, and I would ask my friends for suggestions.

A couple nights later, my husband came home and suggested that we go to Panama City, FL, the next weekend. I was beyond thrilled. Tennessee had been really cold, and I was excited for warmer and sunnier weather.

Our actual anniversary is on January 9, and this year, it fell on a Tuesday. My husband came home from work that evening with flowers, a sweet letter, and a gift card to my FAVORITE coffee shop. We went out to dinner at a really good Mexican restaurant in town.

It was only the beginning of our celebration!

Author’s photo

It was a rainy drive.

We left on the 12th (Friday). We drove through pouring rain to get to Florida. It wasn’t quite the start to our sunny getaway that we were going for.

When we arrived Friday evening, the rainy weather had finally calmed down, and we were greeted with the tiniest sunset.

It was a quiet and relaxing night in for us. We picked up some pizza and watched some reality TV.

Us in the indoor pool all to ourselves

We had two full days in FL to make the most of!

The next morning, after eating some hotel breakfast, we changed into our bathing suits and headed for the pool.

It was in the lower 50s outside, but the pool was indoors and heated. We were in there for a little bit with another family, but when they left, we hurried and snapped a photo.



Grace Bianco

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