My Christmas Pup Turned ONE!

Celebrating Jovi’s First Year of Life

Grace Bianco


How did this teeny weeny puppy grow up so fast?

Blogmas Day 4

Blogmas 2023 💚🎄🎅💚

On December 2, Jovi turned 1. It was a super rainy and yucky day, but I did my best to do small things to celebrate her.

As crazy of a dog lady as I am about to sound, I promise that Jovi truly deserves all of the love!

Jovi stoked to be going somewhere with me and my husband. 💚

We decided to go look for a Christmas tree first thing in the morning.

First, I want to add that I never drive Jovi around free like this. She is usually safely put in her travel crate. However, we took my husband’s truck, and we didn’t think too much about it until after we left.

I felt bad leaving Jovi at home on her birthday. So, we decided to take her with us. She is a great car rider, and she is always just happy to be included.

The Christmas tree place was a complete dud, but I will be writing a blog on our Christmas tree fiasco soon.

Thankfully, the place we went to didn’t care that we had our dog. At least, Jovi loved walking around with us.

Jovi showing off her special treat.

After we got home, I gave Jovi a gift from one of our neighbors.

We have a neighbor that likes to refer to herself as “the treat dealer.” A while back, she gave Jovi a bone that she spent all day gnawing on.

I texted her a week before Jovi’s birthday to ask what bone she had given Jovi. She ended up just buying more on Amazon and gave Jovi three.

This bone turned out to be a little different, but Jovi didn’t mind. She gnawed on it until she finished it. It took her a little over…



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