Reaching Contentment In The Here & Now

Every phase has its own purpose.

Grace Bianco


By Grace K. Bianco

At what cost were able to attain all of those things?

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Being content with the present is easier said than done sometimes.

It’s in our human nature to want and chase after more. From material possessions to relationships to jobs, there is always something.

These things can be great motivators. We may work harder in our jobs or on ourselves. Our strive and hustle for more has the potential to lead to amazing growth.

Or there’s the alternative. It consumes us. We begin to put things above people. We begin to put money above everything. We begin to idolize our hopes and dreams. It can make our current lives seem miserable and hopeless.

In the past couple of months, I feel like I have reached a really good place with my perspective on my life and where I am at.

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The lottery was a big inspiration for this post.

If you didn’t know, the Powerball is up to $1.9 billion.

I can’t even imagine that amount of money.

My family loves talking about what we would do if we won. My younger brother is the only one who plays on occasion. So, don’t get the wrong impression… We aren’t big gamblers.

I sat there for a while really considering how happy it would make me to win the lottery. I can honestly say that it doesn’t bring me great joy to think about. Sure, I would be happy, and I would take the money. But I don’t have the slightest longing for it.

One of my sisters was “annoyed” with my answer and said, “Grace, I am sure if you won a little Instagram giveaway that you’d be just as happy.”

And she was 100% right.

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I just have no need for that amount of money.



Grace Bianco

I am the author of “Party Pooper: Growing up with Anxiety.” I love oversharing my life. I talk about my faith, marriage, mental health, & everything in between.