Ruth, I Have A Few Questions.

Old Testament Thoughts Pt. 7

Grace Bianco


(Please use your imagination and pretend this is Ruth and I 😂) Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

I am very slowly writing my way through the Old Testament. It’s a huge challenge, because I don’t want to take anything out of context. I want all of my Christian blogs to be Biblically true and glorifying to God.

I love it. I am just writing at a snail’s pace. Just when everyone thinks I have moved on from this series, that’s when I usually like to post the next article.

My Thoughts on the Books in the Old Testament

ANYWAY, this week, I will be talking about Ruth, a person from the Bible that I’d love to have met.

Almost exactly a year ago, I actually wrote about Ruth. Not many people saw it. So, I am pretty much just “rewriting” it.

The original article was inspired by Deb Palmer’s article, “Have You Met with Jesus at the Well? : A chance encounter can change your life”

Photo by Brent Ninaber on Unsplash

The book of Ruth is a very short and easy read…



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