Sometimes, You Have To Force Yourself To Write Something.

Deep Dive Prompt: If… By Subhi Najar

Grace Bianco


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My usually very easy goal of posting two articles a week hasn’t been going as well as I would like. I have been very busy with life and juggling my mental health. And it is taking a toll on my writing.

When my mind is obsessing over something it becomes so hard to come up with something else to write. However, I REALLY want to write right now.

So, I decided to “cheat.” I went to Subhi Najar’s page, and I searched through some of his “Deep Dive Prompts” until I found one that I really liked.

Since I am not writing as much as I used to, I try to stay away from prompts/challenges, but this is an emergency situation. Plus, most of you know how much I enjoy these kinds of things. It’s like my writer’s guilty pleasure.

Hopefully, next week, I will have two regular posts, but for now, this is what I feel like writing. (:

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  1. If you had three superpowers, what would they be?

I would like to control time.

In bad situations, I could pause it and fix/walk away before unpausing. I could rewind and do something again if I made a mistake. If I am anxious about something, I could fast forward through whatever it is. There are so many possibilities with the ability to control time.

2. If you could meet three celebrities of all time, who would you choose?

Betty White, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds.

I know Betty White has passed, but usually, these kinds of questions allow for past or present celebrities. My favorite show of all time is “The Golden Girls.” Betty White seemed to be such a good person, and I would have loved to have met her.



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