Tales of a New Marriage

February 6, 2021

Grace Bianco
2 min readFeb 7, 2021


Grace Bianco here. I have been married for twenty-seven days.

We started the morning off by me waking up at around 8. My husband woke up a little under an hour later. It was a slow morning. We got up and out of bed around 10.

I began cleaning. I vacuumed our kitchen, front hallway, living room, and bonus room. I swiffered over the kitchen floor and front hallway. I also swiffered our bathrooms. I cleaned the bathrooms, and straightened up anything else I could.

My husband went to the store to get some bolts to attach our headboard to our bed. He came home and realized his drill wouldn’t be good enough to get the job done.

Our house getting furnished / decorated is moving at a snail’s pace.

When I finished cleaning, I began finishing my blog post for the previous day. I reread my blog post for my newkindofliving.com blog. After reading and editing it, I posted it. I went on my Instagram and my Facebook stories to promote it.

My husband and I went to his parent’s to borrow a drill from his dad. On our way home, we swung by one of the best coffee shops to get me my favorite coffee. I love coffee, but I try to limit myself to only buying coffee twice a week. Spending money on specialty coffees really adds up.

When we got home, I began reading from the book I started called the “Art of Work” by Jeff Goins. I also read from the Bible.

I brainstormed some. The thoughts of what to do next are a constant flow in my head.

I made dinner. I made seasoned chicken tenderloins and French fries. I am terrified of salmonella, and so, I washed my hands about a billion times while handling the raw chicken. And if you’re wondering, I did do the fork trick to pull the tendon out. My hands were all up in that chicken, and I was cringing the entire time.

After dinner, my husband hung up a curtain pole on our back door. The curtain ended up being too small. We decided that we will buy one big one instead of having two smaller ones. But the pole is at least ready for it.

We drank a tiny glass of wine and played a brain game on my husband’s phone.

We got ready for bed. I tossed and turned until 1am with more anxious thoughts. When will this hard bump in the road end?

That was my day… How was yours??

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Grace Bianco

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