Tales of a New Marriage

February 2, 2021

Grace Bianco here. I have been married for twenty-five days.

We started the morning off with me going to work. My husband woke up a little bit before it was time for me to go. We talked for a couple of minutes about how we slept. Then, we kissed and hugged goodbye.

Work was good. I only work from 8–12pm. Nannying isn’t a hard job especially with those kind of hours.

The drive home was super long though. It made me even more tired. I haven’t been sleeping well at night plus I haven’t had to get up this early in awhile.

By the time, I got home. The tiredness was beginning to show in my voice. I wasn’t angry, just quiet. My husband picked it up quickly and asked me, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I’m just tired and hungry,” I responded while putting all of our dirty laundry into the washing machine.

My husband started following me around with beaver nuggets (sweet puffs). I suffer from getting extremely hangry, and he didn’t want to risk it. He makes me laugh and feel loved even when I’m not feeling my best.

I began to get nervous about an Instagram post I needed to make. I decided to collab with my mom and sister. They make resin art, and I have leftover author copies. So, I’m trying to promote and sell my books for a more discounted price than my Amazon price and included is a surprise glittery resin bookmark.

I decided to make the announcement on Instagram, but the timing would be a little off from my usual posting time.

Well, the likes were hardly coming in. I became frustrated.

I told my husband, “If I quit [writing] right now, no one would notice.”

“I would. Besides, why would you give up something you are so passionate about and love? You should go take a nap.”

“I must really sound some type of way haha.”

“No, I can just tell you’re really tired.”

I took a power nap. I got up, and I cleaned. I vacuumed the kitchen. I wiped the counter, the fridge, the stove, and the microwave down. Cleaning the house can also clean your mind.

I felt so off, but I continued. I put away all the laundry. Then, soon after, it was time for me to begin dinner.

I made barbecue roll up. My husband came into the kitchen. We talked for a bit. Then, we laid on the sofa together until it was time to eat.

After that, I was good again. I deleted the Instagram app off my phone to feel even better after compulsively checking my likes every five minutes.

Whatever happens with my writing… I still have my sweet husband. As for being so tired, I will feel better tomorrow.

We ended the night with reading a chapter from Genesis and “Dear Romantic”. We fell asleep at 9:30pm.

Surely, I’ll feel better the next day. Guess, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

That was my day… How was yours??

See you tomorrow!! Until then, follow me on Instagram @ gracekbianco for more !!



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Grace Bianco

Grace Bianco

I am the author of “Party Pooper: Growing up with Anxiety.” I love oversharing my life. I talk about my faith, marriage, mental health, and anything in between.