Tales of a New Marriage

February 10, 2021

Grace Bianco
1 min readFeb 11, 2021

Grace Bianco here. I have been married for thirty-one days.

We started the morning off with me getting up and getting ready for work.

Work was good. Nothing too exciting to share. Just a nanny taking care of a two year old boy.

After work, I came home, and took a nap with my husband. If you have been following along at all, you know I have been napping a lot lately. I am so tired all of the time. In my defense, I napped for less time than my husband did.

Once I felt more alive, I straightened up the house some.

I got ready for Bible study.

I ate some leftover Western chili before running out the door.

Bible study was really good. We are going through the book of John right now.

We got McDonalds on the way home. You can’t convince me any other fry is better than McDonalds. I have tried so many fries in my life, but McDonalds just wins.

We ended the night by getting ready for bed.

If this is your first blog that you have read by me, I beg you to go read another. It was a simple day, but my other days are usually more exciting. Do us both the favor of reading more of my work. I can’t have you guys thinking I am boring.

Well, that was my day… How was yours??

See you tomorrow!! Until then, follow me on Instagram @ gracekbianco for more!!



Grace Bianco

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