The Medium “Famous” Puppy Is Growing Up FAST

Wasn’t it yesterday that I was begging for her?

Grace Bianco
4 min readMay 29


Jovi was around 5 lbs when we first got her. At her last vet visit for her five month check-up, she weighed 11.2 lbs!

It’s been a while since I talked about my puppy, Jovi. I wrote many posts leading up to her arrival, and I had a lot of Medium wondering if I was going to get her or not before Christmas. Since then, I have written about her behavior and challenges that we have had to overcome. As many of you know, Jovi hasn’t been the easiest pup.

My Puppy, Jovi 🐾

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Thankfully, the days have gotten easier and easier, but we still have plenty to work on.

It’s been around 4 1/2 months since we got our little Corgi at just six weeks old. Now, she is almost 6 months old!

So, what has life been like with Jovi these days?

Jovi and our cat, Ghost, are obsessed with sleeping on top of the couch pillows.

Jovi’s Progress

Jovi can sit and laydown on command.

She is learning more about coming to us when we call her name. This is more in regards to when she is outside. She will definitely come to you if you call her name inside.

She sleeps through the night in her crate, and a lot of mornings, she doesn’t make a single peep until 8 or 9!

She doesn’t have accidents. She can go all night without having one too!

My husband and I can work in our office without her screaming at us in the other room.

She doesn’t bark 24/7 anymore. And if she starts going off, she is pretty good at stopping when she hears, “No barking!!”

Jovi loves cuddles and attention. She is sweet with adults and kids (even babies!! 😏) Jovi doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. She truly wants to be loved by everyone she comes across.



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