Things That Happened In My First Year Of Marriage

Let’s talk about the past year of my life.

Grace Bianco


By Grace K. Bianco

But what quickly needs to follow the “warning” is the beauty of marriage.

Taken by Marshall Hammer

A lot can happen in one year, and A LOT can happen when you start sharing that time with another individual. Marriage is unlike any other relationship. It’s the deepest level of friendship and companionship there is.

Our first year was full of so much good, but there were some not-so-easy trials sprinkled in. I believe the best way to learn about marriage is hearing the truth from another married person. So, I am here to tell our best and “worst” memories and how we have grown and learned from it all.

From Relaxation to Strong Emotions

On January 9, 2021, my husband and I got married. The very next day we woke up way too early to catch a flight to Cancun, Mexico. For a week, we enjoyed paradise and each other’s company. It was both relaxing and full of love. Looking back, the best part was that we had our entire future to look forward to.

When we returned home, we both didn’t have to work for two weeks. I was quarantining for my nanny job, and my husband was enjoying his off season as a Radiation Protection Technician. It was great for transitioning into our new lives together. We didn’t live together before marriage, and the lack of outside stress made the transition easy.

After those two weeks, I went back to work. Two weeks later, I officially quit to travel with my husband. He reported to Alabama in early February. There we found out he had night shift. I was newly married, and it was my first time living far from family. My husband on night shift was extremely isolating.

If that wasn’t stressful enough, my grandmother passed away a few weeks in. My world came crashing down. Although it was an expected death after years of my grandmother fighting stage four heart failure, it was hard to accept that someone I was so close with was gone. I hurried to Georgia to be there for her funeral and with my family. I decided to travel back home to South Carolina for the next week or so.



Grace Bianco

I am the author of “Party Pooper: Growing up with Anxiety.” I love oversharing my life. I talk about my faith, marriage, mental health, & everything in between.