Thinking Back To When I Lived With Four Men

Life used to be chaotic.

Grace Bianco


By Grace K. Bianco

After that, we decided to get a camper.

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Before my husband and I got a camper, our lives were really weird.

My husband worked as a contractor for nuclear plants. So, he had to travel all around the country during the fall and spring for months at a time (to work what is known as an outage).

This meant not having to work at all during the winter and summer, but when he worked, that’s all he did.

He’d work 6 days a week with 12 hour days. It was intense.

One of the most annoying parts about it was trying to find housing. (Trust me, my husband would agree with me saying that. He HATED looking for housing.)

We lived in some ROUGH places together.

These next few situations are just from when we got together… My husband had to live with random people long before me.

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The Crack Motel:

This was an AWFUL experience.

My husband usually tried to avoid motels, because it costs more than renting a room through Airbnb/Craigslist. This particular outage in TN, we were having a hard time finding a place. So, we had no choice.

The motel was full of loud adults, barking dogs, and screaming children. The inside pool was disgusting and looked like it hadn’t been used in years. Our TV didn’t work. We had to share a towel, because they refused to bring us anymore.

The worst part was the mouse in our ROOM. My husband had heard something in the night, but we hoped it was nothing. After he left, I saw it crawling out of our cereal box. I grabbed the box and threw it outside.

It had somehow escaped the box in that short time, because I saw it running around the room. I went to the front desk, and one of the workers told me, “Just try to catch it. It’s more scared of you than you are.” DISGUSTING!!! I told him, “No way!!”



Grace Bianco

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