Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have To Be Depressing

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompt

Grace Bianco


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Since I don’t write as much as I used to, I really try to focus on quality. So, I tend to not write prompts very often anymore. Prompts can still be full of quality writing, but with only writing 1–2 articles a week, I think it’s better for ME to come up with my own topics.

However, with it being Valentine’s Day, I decided I could treat myself with a writing prompt. It is my favorite holiday after all.

This writing prompt is by Samantha M🥀:

My Forever Valentine! ❤ — Taken by Tina Wilson for our engagement shoot back in 2020.

Valentine’s Q&A

  1. How do you celebrate V-day?

My husband and I usually choose a day either before or after Valentine’s Day to celebrate. Coffee and a good dinner are always involved. Outside of that it varies!

I will take pictures and write a post on whatever we do this year after we celebrate.

2. Do you like giving gifts or receiving them?

I love giving and receiving gifts. I don’t give anything super grand, and I don’t expect anything grand myself. It’s really just the thought behind it that counts. I think the little gestures of love shown on Valentine’s Day go a long way.

3. Do you know the real story behind Valentine’s Day or its pagan counterpart Lupercalia?

I celebrate Valentine’s Day for its literal name.

Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine, who was a Christian martyr. His story is quite interesting, and I highly recommend looking into it!

Click here to learn more about St. Valentine.

4. What is your favorite Valentine’s recipe?

My mom has always been super creative with holidays. So, she would always make pink heart-shaped pancakes for dinner. For…



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