What Are We Getting Paid For On Medium?

I have heard every theory under the sun.

Grace Bianco
3 min readMar 29, 2022


By Grace K. Bianco

On here, we write what we want, and in return, we make a mysterious few cents or a couple of hundred dollars.

If you thought this blog was going to answer the title’s question, I am sorry to inform you that I have no idea what the answer is. Although I cannot answer it, I can list out every theory I have heard (or at least the ones I can remember).

For the longest time, I thought we were paid based off of how many hours of reading time our post got. It didn’t matter where the reads came from as long as they read the whole thing.

From the same successful blog that I shared up above

Then, I read an article ages ago that mentioned external vs. internal views. The writer claimed that external views meant nothing, and we didn’t get paid for those. We are paid based off of how many internal views we get.

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I have seen a couple of posts claim that it is based off of how many Medium members read our post. Meaning a non member reading our post is worthless.

Another person told me that they had heard that shorter posts (1 minute or



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