Your Sibling Doesn’t Count As A Friend.

They are your family.

Grace Bianco
6 min readMay 17, 2022


By Grace K. Bianco

So whether your siblings are your friends or not, make sure the friends in your life are ones who push you to be the best you.

My Siblings (+ my brother-in-law [top row] and my parents) ❤

As you can see above, I come from a big family. I have a biological sister and brother. Then, I have three adopted sisters (one not pictured) and one adopted brother (all from Ukraine).

I am fairly close with all of my siblings pictured above, but I am very close with two of my sisters.

Ever since I can remember, I always understood how important family was. Adoption presented us with some really hard times, and I believe in some ways it made our family closer. We all endured it together, and we know what all we went through better than any outsider could ever try to understand.

So today, I want to talk about family. What makes a person family to you? Then, I will also focus on the main topic here… Can family members be considered friends?


What Makes A Person Family To You?

I have been wanting to write about my relationship with my family for a very long time. (I have a few blogs sprinkled in here and there about them and our adoption story.) After I read The Sober Vegan Yogi’s post, “I Love My Mother: Motherhood Requires Love, Not DNA”, I started thinking, “What DOES make a person family?

One of my adopted sisters and me ❤

I come from a family full of adopted siblings. I could not careless what there DNA is made up of. I don’t care that we aren’t technically blood-related. That means nothing. When we adopted them, they became just as much a sibling to me as my older and biological siblings were.

On the flip side, I understand that legally through adoption I have another sister (who I won’t go into much detail over), but I would not consider her a part of the family. (I am speaking for myself and not the rest of my family.)

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who shamed my family for a child who despised us with their entire being. It…



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